Standing Out

Flowers can grow and blossom into many different colors and sizes; just like in the above picture. In a field, these bushes of orange petaled flowers contained one purple petaled flower standing tall to be seen for miles on end. How did this one floret grow in a field that had nothing but these orange petal clusters? Why did it grow in that particular field? Was there not a separate plot that had all the other purple flowers? All of these flowers have the same purpose to blossom and look pretty for all the passing viewers. They all go through the same cycle called photosynthesis, which is a process by how flowers make their own food. You may ask, how does this flower pertain to business? Local stores and businesses need to be a purple flower in an orange petal cluster field. They need to stand out for a community of consumers, who want to shop, but feel like all shops are the same. They sell stuff, we give them our money. We go back to buy the same thing but it is next seasons version. How can business and stores become like this purple flower to stand out?

            Grabbing an eye of a consumer can be a challenging task, but with a little hard work and dedication it can be a worth it all in the end. Now you do not have to go redecorate your entire store, or put a big huge sign in front of your business that says, “Shop here, we are more unique than so and so.”  Sometimes the little things can grab the attention of someone’s interest. Whether it be to decorating for the holidays outside the front door, or even the way your store is advertise. You can advertise your store through a billboard, a sign that list certain items that are sold in the store by the front door, or even making a post on Facebook to tell your customers what is going on at the store today. Once you do have a customer come in, how are you going to greet them? Do you want to tell them a little background story of how you started your business from the ground up? Do you want to interest your customer in the same boots that everyone else is trying to sell? Or do you want to show them something that either you or another employee have hand crafted or sewn to display on your shelves. By asking these questions to yourself it will guide your store or business to a unique factor that many consumers are craving. Once people see the extraordinary value of your store; they will want to return for future purchases, and appreciate all the work you have put into your store. In a community full of orange petal clusters be the business that is the purple flower blossoming to stand out.

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“You will never influence the world by trying to be like it.”