The Chambers’ purpose is to generate a positive economic impact by involving the entire membership and utilizing their individual expertise. Our goal is to help our business community prosper and grow in such a way the impact of our business community is felt throughout the entire County of Henderson.


The Athens Chamber of Commerce has experienced many positive changes over the past years and so has our community. We have seen the evolution of existing events and the invention of new programs. All of these are aimed at supporting the membership by enhancing the quality of life, promoting business, and improving the economic development in the Athens area. You can feel the change throughout Athens; a greater sense of unity and urgency by everyone to address the issues we face as a community.


New programs such as: Ladies Night Out, and Lakes – Clays - & Fairways will help make Athens a destination for visitors and new residents alike. Growth in events such as the Henderson County GO TEXAN Rodeo and the Farm & Ranch Tour, show the Chamber’s commitment to Athens’ agricultural roots and their effect on the Athens future.


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    • Veterans Day

                  Many times, we all have seen a flag waving at a local business, someone’s home, or even those enormous flags that dance in the ...

    • Standing Out

      Flowers can grow and blossom into many different colors and sizes; just like in the above picture. In a field, these bushes of orange petaled flowers contained one purple petaled ...

    • Why is it Important for Us to Shop Locally?

                  If $100 was spent at a local business, how much of that $100 do you think would go back into the local community? 25%? 40%?  or 50%? Actually, almost ...

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  • "Membership brings credibility to your business." -Justin Weiner Attorney
  • "You can create networking opportunities by serving with the Athens Chamber of Commerce." -Steve Barksdale
  • Reach potential clients thru member exclusive advertising and opportunities for business-to-business advertising and publicity.
  • Access to members only discounts and services.
  • Chamber events and programs provide members with great opportunities to get to know new people and expand their prospect base.